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The Savvy Planning Chick


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Are you ready to transform your passion for planners into a thriving business venture? Look no further!

"The Planner Pink Print," an all-inclusive guide designed to empower you on your journey to becoming a successful planner entrepreneur.

This comprehensive bundle equips you with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration needed to establish your mark in the planner industry.

What's Included:

  1. Customizable Canva Planner Templates: Jumpstart your planner business with our collection of customizable planner templates. From daily and weekly planners to specialized niche designs, these templates are your canvas for creating planners that resonate with your audience.

  2. Clipart Vendors List: Ignite your creativity with access to a handpicked list of premier clipart vendors. Elevate your planner designs with a diverse range of artistic elements that add uniqueness and flair to your creations.

  3. 100 Planner Niche Ideas: Stand out in the competitive planner market by targeting specific niches. Explore our list of 100 planner niche ideas to tap into markets that resonate with your passion and expertise.

  4. 30-Day Checklist: Stay on track and organized with our comprehensive 30-day checklist. This step-by-step guide ensures that you cover every essential aspect of setting up and launching your planner business 

  5. Supply List with clickable links                           

Bonus Content:

  1. Replay of Exclusive Planner Class: Gain exclusive insights from a replay of our planner class conducted by industry experts. Learn valuable strategies, marketing techniques, and insider secrets that will propel your planner business to new heights.

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This book is ALL OF THAT and MORE! It's definitely worth buying. Hurry up and grab your copy -- You won't regret it!